Calne Running Club 2018 Beginner’s Course

Online entries are now open via Entry Central for our 2018 beginner’s course starting on 11 January 2018, lasting 10 weeks and culminating in either Chippenham or Swindon parkrun.  A bespoke medal will be awarded to all finishers of the course and there will be a small celebration at the parkrun finale with home made cakes!  If you would like to enter, please follow this link.  More information on the course may be found here.

Cherhill Challenge August 2017

David Neville         9.53
Iain Donald          10.24
Dave Halliday        13.24
Colin Morris         13.38
Michelle Blower      13.41
Steve Cuthbert       14.17
Toby Newton-Shaw     14.22
Nicola Cuthbert      16.40
Lisa Thompson        17.04
Andria Rawlings      17.05
Jude Hancock         17.06
Katy Light           17.36
Lucy Sidelnik        18.25
Stacey Cunningham    18.45
Naomi Whiting        20.06

A different look to the website

Unless you have never looked at this website before July 2017, you will have noticed that it is looking very different. After months of saying we were going to make some changes we have finally started.

First of all the domain and therefore the website is back under the control of our members. For a few weeks it was just a copy of the old website but we have now installed WordPress which will make it easier to let all members get involved. We have installed a plugin which means everybody can login using their Facebook account without having to remember another password; all you need to do is click on the Connect button and then give permission for the website to use your Facebook account to login. You will not be able to do much initially as your account has to be manually upgraded to allow you to post.

In the coming weeks Simon and myself will be trying out different looks for the website. Let us know what you think.