Club Championship

The Championship

The CRC Club Championship is a closed club championship that is designed to reward club representation within the club championship events along with strong individual performances. 

The Championship for 2021 will comprise of 8 core races (smaller due to COVID19)

These races have been chosen to incorporate the Wiltshire Road Race League races in an attempt to ensure good CRC numbers are present to support the club at these events.  This will also gain the club points in the league! For more information on the Wiltshire Road Race League, please follow this link to the Wiltshire Athletic Association Website. 

New for 2021: Awards will now be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd for both Male & Female.

Current Standings

The standings can be found by clicking on the following link below:


2021 Championship Races

Race 1: Chippenham Longest Day 10k

Race 2: Castle Combe “Midweek” 10k

Race 3: Westbury* 5k Series (Club AVR): Tuesday 13th July 2021 and Tuesday 10th August 2021

Race 4: Frome 10k

Race 5: Malmesbury “Flying Monk” 10k (DB Max) : 29th August (Link HERE)

Race 6: Corsham 10k : 26th September (Link HERE)

Race 7: The White Horse Gallop: 17th October (LINK HERE)

Additional Points Rewards:

  • One Additional Half Marathon completed (20 pts)
  • One Additional Marathon completed (20pts)
  • Two Additional Ultras completed (20pts each)

Previous Results:

How it works

Championship Results: The Male and Female Championships are run separately, but in the same way. So, if five male runners complete a race that is in the Championship, the first CRC runner home will receive 20 points, the second home will receive 19, third 18 points, fourth 17 points and fifth 16 points. This will work in the same way for the female athletes.

Further points are available to members in the CRC club championships for the following:

  • Any additional half marathon completed in 2020 means you can gain 20 bonus points (though you can only claim this once, so if you do 3 marathons you can only claim bonus points once)
  • Any additional marathon completed in 2020 means you can gain 20 bonus points. (though you can only claim this once, so if you do 3 marathons you can only claim bonus points once).
  • Ultra’s: We understand that we have a strong ultra running contingent within the club. With this in mind you can claim 20 bonus points for up to 2 ultra races completed in 2020 (so up to 40 bonus points) any race over a marathon distance counts.

**Please note, where the bonus point system is concerned, you must let Katy Griffin know that you have completed a race that means you can claim bonus points. We will not go looking though results!**

So essentially, if you turn up and represent CRC at as many races as possible, you will be in with a shout of winning the Championship!  Good luck! 

Previous Club Championship Winners (based on records retrievable):


  • 2011 Gemma Godwin
  • 2012 Marie Nash
  • 2013 Michelle Blower
  • 2014 Francesca Golding
  • 2015 Michelle Blower
  • 2016 Lucy Morrison
  • 2017 Michelle Blower
  • 2018 Helen Gibbs
  • 2019 Siobhan Daniels
  • 2020 N/A


  • 2006 Dave Telfer
  • 2007 Dave Telfer
  • 2008 Tony Nott
  • 2009 Dave Telfer
  • 2010 Dave Telfer
  • 2011 Dave Halliday
  • 2012 Dave Halliday
  • 2013 Simon Nott
  • 2014 Simon Nott
  • 2015 Luke Shipway
  • 2016 Dave Howe
  • 2017 Dave Howe
  • 2018 Philip Daniels
  • 2019 Michael Gilbert
  • 2020 N/A