Calne Running Club Beginners’ 5K Graduation Run and Members’ Challenge

Well done to the beginners for successfully graduating from the Couch to 5K course. Results of your timed 5k below.

1Matt Waite17.29
2Mike Gilbert17.50
3Denise Nott20.49
4Dave Halliday22.48
5Jon Briggs23.50
6Son of Paul Callinan24.12
7Paul Callinan24.15
8Michelle Coveney24.25
9Menna Frost26.17
10Andy Salmon27.59
11Edith Edney28.01
12Sarah Slater28.03
13Martin Hall28.06
14Jeremy Friend28.07
15Matt Maddicks29.47
16Tony Nott29.57
17Marc Harding31.39
18Mike Toulouse33.21
19Elaine Burry33.25
20Gill Barnes33.55
21Sue Deedigan33.56
22Carrie Taylor35.05
23Liz Bates36.18
24Tony Bates36.19
25Vicki Partridge37.27
26Emily Stevens38.08
27Lauren Jordan38.25
28Louise Cole38.57
29Vicky Lesniowska39.37
30Sarah Edwards39.37
31Danni Smith40.33
32Kerry Flynn40.33
33Victoria Couse41.22
34Gary Bunce41.23
35Bev Jordan43.38
36Sam Bishop44.20
37Patty Kelly44.23
38Angela 44.24
39Steve Draper44.24
40Tash Reeves44.31
41Amy Terry44.46
42Siobhan Culver44.05
43Amanda Barkham44.06
44Marie Woodward51.50
45Pam Friend51.50