Club Policies:

Documents to be adopted at 2022 AGM:

Calne Running Club Health and Safety Policy Download HERE

Current CRC Policies:

CRC Social Media Policy – LINK HERE

CRC Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures:

England Athletics Guidance:

At the AGM of the club in October 2021 we adopted the following safeguarding policies and Codes of Conduct for the club. These documents are produced by England Athletics and provide helpful guidance about what is expected of members and coaches/run leaders:
Codes of Conduct: Each year when you renew you are agreeing to abide by the athletes code of conduct. Pages 1- 9 are the sections we adopted and outline the expectations for conduct of members and coaches.

Safeguarding Policies:These are the guidance documents for what to do when anyone has concerns about a child  or an adult in relation to Safeguarding. Although we don’t have children as members we do sometimes have children at events and we meet where children are participating in sporting activities and safeguarding of children is everyone’s responsibility
Safeguarding Procedures:These go through the steps of what to do if you have concerns.