Calne Running Club – Training

Training Nights
Club Coach, Denise Nott, coaching a Thursday night session

The club meets twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. Details of each of each of these sessions can be found by following the links above or navigating to these pages.


Social Training

Outside of our designated club nights, our members at Calne Running Club are always getting together to train, from longer social runs, to structured weekend speed sessions (always easier with company!) There will always be something for everybody.

For the ‘ultra’ runners within the club, there is often a group who enjoy meeting at weekends for a single longer run or even a ‘back to back’ run. This means running further/longer on both Saturday and Sunday (training to run on tired legs). The runs at the weekend are usually very gentle and sociable (usually with a stop at a well known coffee shop!!!). They usually meet at 7am at the Cafe in Cherhill.  Ask to join our closed Facebook page where runs are usually advertised by our members.

Join CRC and feel free to get involved with us in any of the above runs.