Tuesday Training

Meeting at Beversbrook Sports Facility (unless stated otherwise).

Leaving at 7pm

Tuesday evening runs explained:

Group A – Roughly 9 minute miling or faster for 5 miles or more

Group B – Roughly 9 to 11 minute miling for 3-6 miles

Group C– Roughly 11 minute miling and above for 3-5 miles

Each group will be led by a minimum of one qualified leader. A tail runner will be allocated to each group. Groups may vary depending on who turns up on the night but everybody will be catered for.

** PLEASE NOTE**  These runs and distances are by no means set in stone or are meant to be prescriptive. We encourage people to push themselves or to go in whichever group they would like to join. The groups have been designed to roughly keep runners in more compact groups to make them safer, easier to lead and more social. However, varying paces in each group will always occur and in order to allow people to push themselves from one group to another will inevitably occur. Enabling people to run with people of similar abilities should maximise enjoyment whilst maintaining safety and making sure nobody gets lost or left behind.

Please be aware that you must always:

  1. Wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for the run.
  2. Wear hi viz clothing during dark evenings.
  3. Listen to your run leader’s instructions
  4. Always loop back to the slowest runner in the group at regular points as advised by your leader
  5. Be responsible for your own safety and do not run if injured.
  6. Do not listen to portable music players during the runs.

New routes will be added by our leaders over time to give more variation, particularly in winter when choices are more limited.

**Please keep an eye on our Facebook page** where runs will be posted as changes can be made by our leaders to try to think up some new and enjoyable routes for you to try out.

Tuesday Evening Summer Schedule 2018

Throughout the summer we try to mix things up a little, there are a few nights where no social runs will be led, this will either be through CRC organising events or us going along and supporting the Lacock Relay which is a 2.6 mile team relay that is suited to all abilities and adds a bit of fun to the summer running months. Other times we will try to run some cross country routes in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Calne, please see a schedule below.

Date Starting Point Venue and comments
08/01/19 Beversbrook.
15/01/19 Beversbrook.
22/01/19 Cherhill – old café car park.
29/01/19 Beversbrook.
By skate park in Station Road. SN11 0JX. Hopefully to run the cycle track.
This is the route of the Smart Smasher the following weekend.
12/02/19 Beversbrook.
19/02/19 Beversbrook.
26/02/19 Calne Leisure Centre.
05/03/19 Beversbrook.
12/03/19 Beversbrook.
19/03/19 Cherhill – old café car park.
26/03/19 Beversbrook.
Should be light as clocks go forward!
Calne Leisure Centre – hopefully run into back of Bowood.
09/04/19 Beversbrook.