CRC – Important information 21/09/20 (Tues / Thurs runs)

Email sent out to all CRC members 21/09/2020 (please contact Celia if you didn’t receive it)

Dear Members,With rates of Covid 19 increasing we are approaching our autumn/winter training with caution. However, we are following guidance from England Athletics and currently this enables us to continue training. Since last Monday it would be against the law for groups of runners to be meeting and running in groups of more than 6. A few people have asked about how the club can continue to run in groups – even when in public spaces – so we thought it would be good to explain this to everyone. Official club training is possible because we have a variety of Covid 19 protection measures in place, as outlined in the risk assessment – and also with contact test and tracking data collected. As things stand, Thursday training in the Redman Road area, will still be possible with a variety of measures in place:

  • risk assessments – it is important to read the attached risk assessment
  • enough coaches and  leaders present to meet the required EA ratio of runners to coaches/leaders
  • contact details  collected
  • social distancing monitored and maintained
  • careful planning by the coaches in the choice of session, warm up and cool down procedures.

On Thursdays, please ensure you arrive at Beversbrook Sports Facility before training to register your track and trace information and you will be told where to go for training. Once it is too dark to go on the field  we anticipate that we will meet in the small parking area at the entrance to the sports facility and we will run from there at 7pm sharp (we won’t be hanging around exposed to the elements!)  It is possible that we could be on the road this week, so  please ensure you are wearing high viz and reflective clothing.

Tuesday training is also possible because we follow a range of safety procedures and although technically we could have groups of more than six we will now be sticking to groups of no more than six in a more stringent manner, mostly because public perceptions are important and also if we are running on streets it can be intimidating for others if they are passed by large groups of runners.

Any other running that is outside of these times and without these measures in place is not covered by England Athletics or Calne Running Club and so groups of more than six would be against the law and entirely the responsibility of those members. We hope club members will respect this in the interests of everyone’s safety.
 Hope this clarifies things – please get back to me if you have any further questions. Also, be prepared for the fact that things may well change in the next few days. We realise it is frustrating to have all this paperwork and restrictions but to train as a club we have no option. Kind regards CRC committee (Simon, Denise, Helen, Phil, Tony, Celia, Lois )